Gites De France History 2

Gîtes de France History part 2

In 1952, a year after the first rural Gite started accepting holiday makers in France, the Tourism and Agriculture minister acted with a positive report from the Tourism Modernisation Committee. He subsequently made the Gîtes de France plan official and allowed it to be rolled out throughout France.

Gites de France
Historic changes to Gites of France logos

Then in 1955, the Farmer-Landlord Charter was implemented and the Gîtes de France National Federation was created. It was headed by Senator Emile Aubert until his death in 1969. In the following 60 years, the Gites De France organisation never stopped growing and developing.

1955 : Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France. First edition of the annual directory containing 146 gîtes throughout France

1969 : Adoption of the chambres d’hôtes official rented accommodation formula

1970 : Start of Gites de France in Corsica

1973 : Official adoption of the gîtes d’enfants status for child-friendly holiday accommodation

1974 : Opening of Maison du Tourisme Vert in Paris, to promote Green and rural  Tourism in France

1987 : Launc of state of the art Minitel digital information service covering 3615 Gîtes in France, providing information and taking electronic reservations direct to the public.

1990 : Formation of Eurogites and European Federation of Tourism

1997 : Federation sanctioned by French Tourism Ministry as a nationally-recognized organization for the promotion and inspection of Gite holiday rentals

1998 : Start of the internet age as goes on line for first time

2003 : Two new brands created. Firstly Charmance for chambres d’hôtes which provided bed & breakfast style holiday accommodation. The second one was Pre Vert for camping and caravanning sites throughout France

2004 : Launch of new national service called “Allo” providing a chambres d’hôtes last minute reservation service for bed & breakfasts

2015 : 60 year anniversary of the foundation of Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France

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